Allows remote access to multiple doors and/or lights.
— In-game Description

The Remote Keypad or Remote Activation Keypad is a structure that allows for the more efficient control of groups of structures that can use a PIN code, such as doors, chests, or lamps. The Remote Keypad is powered by the Electrical Generator with an Electrical Outlet.

Example, set doors/chests/lamps up with PIN codes, then enter that PIN on the keypad to Open/Close, Unlock/Lock, TurnOn/TurnOff those items. Say you have your base and an outer wall, and you set all lampposts on the outer wall to 2222, and all lampposts on the inner wall to 1111. You can simply access the keypad (needs electricity to work) and hit ACTIVATE/OPEN, followed by 2222 to turn on every lamp post on your outer wall at the same time. Then DEACTIVATE/CLOSE and 2222 to turn the outer wall lamp posts all back off.