Gigantosaurus Dossier
Common Name Giganotosaurus
Group Dinosaurs
Species Giganotosaurus furiosa
Time Late Cretaceous
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Angry
Egg Giganotosaurus Egg
Feces Size Large
XP For Kill 750 XP
PC Release Date November 5, 2015 (v222.0)
Favorite Kibble Kibble (Quetzal Egg)
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Saddle Giganotosaurus Saddle (lvl 85)
Incubation Range 42 - 43 °C / 108 - 109 °F
Incubation Time 2d 1h 59m 45s
Baby Stage Time 1d 4h 3m 30s

Giganotosaurus Furiosa is an enormous predator, larger even than the Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus. While greater in size than those storied predators, it can be somewhat less dangerous when encountered in the wild, due to its sluggish speed. Even still, getting cornered or run down by a Giganotosaurus means certain death for nearly any creature.

Fighting a Giganotosaurus directly is never a good idea, as its rage rapidly grows with every hit it takes. With this rage, it builds increasing reserves of energy to use, making its iron-jawed bites progressively more deadly and enhancing its stamina. Add to this the fact that its huge body enables it to take a tremendous amount of punishment, and you have a creature that is generally better avoided or outsmarted than attacked head-on.


Taming Giganotosaurus is a dangerous prospect. Its rage reaction, even when tamed, can sometimes cause it to briefly turn on members of its own tribe. Indeed it may even throw off its rider if it has been sufficiently angered! And yet, the sheer size and immense power that the Giganotosaurus possesses means that some factions endeavor to tame it as a fear-inducing "Capital" beast of war -- even at great risk!

— The Dossier

The Giganotosaurus is a massive carnivorous dinosaur found on the Ark.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Giganotosaurus


Giganotosaurus is an enormous and ill-tempered predatory dinosaur. Akin to a Tyrannosaurus but larger, spikier, and with more powerful grasping arms, this creature feeds mainly on Brontosaurs (which it is nearly as large as) but will kill and eat virtually anything it can catch. Its short temper means that (thankfully) it is a solitary hunter and is thus very rare. When enraged, the eyes glow flame yellow.

Giganotosaurus is currently the largest non-boss land carnivore in the game.


Giganotosaurs will 'casually' stroll about the Island, slaughtering anything in their path, this can lead them to wander to just about anywhere on the Island. Their lack of natural predator, or, really, any form of threat to them, allows for their safe voyages across the Island. Beware.

The Giganotosaurus is an aggressive creature. Due to its rage mechanic, it will get angrier when being attacked, which makes its attacks deal more damage. Also, it regains stamina faster when enraged. If it builds up too much rage, it can kick players riding it off of it and attack them.

Its rage mechanic is not a health-percentage based trigger, it only occurs if enough damage occurs quickly enough. It will also trigger even if the server is set to the friendliest possible PvE and no friendly-fire settings, in which normally it is not possible to hurt anything not wild.

While its dossier implies that it is sluggish and slow, it is anything but that. Due to its large stride, allowing it to walk over most obstacles, and naturally high movement speed, the Giganotosaurus can outrun just about anything on the island. Combined with its very large aggro range this means it is a fast and dangerous predator.



Giganotosaurous ranks around the top 3 hardest to tame dinosaurs in Ark. It's torpor drops so fast, a level 5 giga may wake up in around 2 minutes. That combined with the amount of arrows needed to down it and the giga's general dangerousness makes it a truly difficult tame. One of the most effective strategies for taming requires 2 people or one and a very fast Pteranodon, 4 metal dinosaur gates and a large bear trap.

First, set up 3 of the dinosaur gates in a 'U' shape. Give the remaining gate to the helper or keep it with you. Set up the bear trap in the middle of the U. The helper should stand next to (but not too close!) the U, ready to place the last dino gate.

Next, get the giga's attention and lure it into the U so it gets trapped by the bear trap. As fast as possible, the helper (or you) needs to place the dinosaur gate so the giga is trapped. The bear trap will prevent it from killing the helper as they place the gate.

Since the giga is stuck, you will have time to get any suppiles you need (though it is recommended that you or the helper stays and watches the giga, to make sure it doesn't despawn.). Simply shoot the giga with Tranq arrows until it falls unconscious.

However, some people may not have access to the resourses, so some may use a quetzal or a friend with an Argentavis. Because of the giga's speed, damage and size, it is almost impossible to down one on foot.


After knocking it out, you start a whole new journey. At least 300+ narcotics for low levels are recommended to be on hand. Quetzal egg kibble should be used if it is availble, since the giga's torpor going down so fast makes it extremely difficult to get prime meat unless another player is present to feed it narcotics. Using normal meat is also not encouraged because of how long it will take, thus how many narcotics will need to be used.



Giganotosaurus in Dino Crisis 2

  • The dossier was revealed on August 8, 2015
  • It was set for release on November 3rd, 2015, it was then delayed until November 5th, 2015
  • Its scientific name comes from modern Latin, from Greek gigas ‘giant’ + nótios ‘southern’ + sauros ‘lizard.’.
  • The size of the Giganotosaurus furiosa is perhaps inspired by the giant Giganotosaurus mutant from Dino Crisis 2, the latter measures 21 meter long and 7 meter high.
  • In real life, Giganotosaurus was only slightly larger than T. rex, and that was only on average; individual variations were greater than the differences between species. Spinosaurus was in fact the largest of the three.
  • Despite its similar shape and size to T. rex, Giganotosaurus was not closely related, being closer to the Allosaurus than to the coelurosaurian Tyrannosaurus.
  • Besides Alpha Predators and the DodoRex, it is one of the only two land-based creatures able to destroy stone structures.
  • Until the Dunkleosteus' release in Patch 238.0, it was the only tameable creature that could demolish stone structures.
  • The Giganotosaurus is capable of a roar ability. This makes it the third creature with the ability to roar, behind the Tyrannosaurus and the Direwolf.
  • When the Giganotosaurus enters rage mode, its eyes turn bright yellow — an ominous sign to warn enemies and allies alike of its boosted damage and resistance modifiers. In this state it is a force to be reckoned with, even rivaling the power of other menacing giants like the Dragon and even DodoRex.
  • Flame damage will not make a Giganotosaurus enter rage mode, which means creatures that can breathe fire, such as the Dragon, can kill it much more effectively.
  • Take care when traveling over elevations; the Giganotosaurus may take fall damage and unintentionally enter rage mode, attacking everything within its radius — including its rider. Use caution when traversing hilly terrain; always unmount and set it to follow.
  • As of patch 222.8, an enraged Giganotosaurus will instantly enrage any nearby allied Giganotosaurus. This makes it dangerous to have too many in the same area, as one entering rage mode will cause a chain reaction. An enraged Giganotosaurus will not attack another allied Giganotosaurus.
  • The Giganotosaurus swims extremely slowly. This combined with its low stamina means it can drown very quickly if attempting to cross a large and deep body of water, its large HP will not save it. Fortunately it is tall enough that most of the time it can simply wade through.
  • Note that on level 1, a Giganotosaurus is actually a lot more powerful than even an Alpha Rex or Dragon. As all three creatures progress through levels, the Giganotosaurus gains very little to each stat while the other 2 gain a lot more to their stats.
  • Gigas can have trouble with rocks, making areas like snow a pain to travel with them on following. It is much easier to have a friend trail behind and break rocks for you or just simply ride it.
  • Taking a Giga egg is an extremely bad idea if you're not prepared. It's best to have an extremely fast flying mount or there will be major consequences.
  • The Giga eats constantly while sprinting, and in fact its Food stat will decrease more quickly than it can eat even with its inventory full. The rider needs to ensure that it keeps meat in its inventory when on the move, and in addition to recharging stamina, sometimes make longer stops to eat and recover the Food stat.
  • It is confirmed that the Giga will have a tek tier helmet that would allow it to shoot lasers.


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Spotlight- Giganotosaurus!

Spotlight- Giganotosaurus!