Masters of the bow often became great conquerors. Requires arrows to fire.
— In-game Description

The Bow is the third ranged weapon that can be created, including the Spear as a ranged weapon. The Bow can fire either the Stone Arrow or Tranquilizer Arrow. The bow uses arrows that can deal a decent amount of damage from range, and can also be crafted to apply tranquilizing effects onto an arrow to make dinosaurs, animals or players fall asleep for a period of time. This serves as an easy way to capture and train dinosaurs to become mounts or companions, or to rob human. Hitting dinosaurs with your bow (left ctrl) is also very useful when trying to knock out dinosaurs or humans. If you hit a player or dinosaur with a Tranquilizer Arrow you can collect the arrow if it hasn't broken but it will just be a Stone Arrow because the Narcotics would have been injected into the target.

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