Berries are a collectible and consumable item found in the Ark. They are harvested from bushes covering the island are collected randomly by the player(s). Berries are used as a food source for both the player(s) or herbivorous creatures and can be used to tame such creatures. They are collected by pushing 'E' on a bush with an empty hand or a torch equipped.



Berries can be consumed by the player to restore small amounts of Health and Stamina.


Berries are used to tame the different herbivorous animals inhabiting the Ark, including Parasaurs, Dodos, etc. To tame a creature, the player must first knock the animal unconscious by increasing its torpor. This is done by hitting the animal in the head with fists or the slingshot or by shooting it with tranquilizer arrows. After the animal is unconscious, the player must feed it the correct berry to start the taming process. The taming will be complete when the Taming Bar is filled to 100%. Narcoberries are used to keep the creature unconscious by filling the Unconsciousness Bar. If this bar runs out, the creature will awake and the taming process will be reset. Upon successfully taming an animal, it will awaken, stand up, and from then on belong to the player who tamed it.


  • In a future update each berry will be obtained from a plant unique to that berry.
  • Currently all herbivores tamed using berries prefer Mejoberries.