A definitive guide to constructing a well made top notch dinosaur survivor base.


Defensive Walls

Defensive walls are walls placed around--rather than on top--of your base's foundation. They are built using a variety of materials and may be comprised of Thatch, Wood, Stone, Metal, or Tek.  

One way to make the walls stronger is to make boxes on the ground before-hand--this will allow builders to make the walls wider. Also, it's a good idea to put a roof on the top as a walkway. On the outer side of the wall, place windows in order to have firing holes to defend you territory; Furthermore, along with a supply of Tranquilizer Arrows, a player may hunt from their fort.  

Catwalks and ladders are critical components to any defensive measures. By linking them to other buildings, characters can more easily access different sections of your base.  

Spiked walls are good for fighting off dinosaurs. 

Guard Towers

The best way to make these is to build them into walls. Make a square three wall tall tower with wood wall foundations. On the fourth wall put in a doorway opening. The top of the tower is a trap door floor with a ladder going through the middle. To make the tower top put in four windowed walls and add a roof.You can even put a storage box up there with arrows or guns to make a sniper nest.



At this phase a simple thatch hut will do, preferably with a campfire and near food and water sources. This will offer basic protection from smaller dinosaurs and you will always have a food/water source.


Preferably a medium sized house against a tall cliff with a double layered wall to keep the carnivores and larger dinosaurs out. If possible, also have some farms to have a backup on food if meat is scarce.


Always a large house and surrounding lands. Make sure you have enough space for your tribe members to house their food, dinosaurs, and materials.


  • Find boulders or outcroppings that are not mine-able. These can offer raised areas to build, making it harder for aggressive dinosaurs to attack or destroy parts of your base.
  • Depending on nearby resources, it may be more effective to outline or upgrade your base with lower construction, i.e. thatch, and then upgrade to wood or stone as needed.