Ammonite Dossier

Asteroceras BW


Common Name Ammonite
Group Invertebrates
Species Ammonitina multiamicus
Time Late Jurassic - Mid Cretaceous
Diet Bottom Feeder
Temperament Passive
PC Release Date Not Yet Released
Tameable No
Rideable No

Usually found in the deepest parts of the water around the island, Amonitina Multiamicus has a strange relationship with the other creatures of the deep. It must do something beneficial for them, since every nearby sea creature defends Ammonitina when it is attacked. What this distinct symbiosis is based on, alas, I have not yet discovered.

Ammonitina has also made its way into the deeper parts of underwater caves. Even within these caves, the creature will draw attention if assaulted, making harvesting its resource-rich shell a tricky proposition depending on what other dangers may be lurking nearby.


Like many of the untameable ocean dwellers, Ammonitina still has enough utility to be a valuable hunting target. If a tribe is willing to risk the wrath of nearby would-be protectors, Ammonitina bile can be harvested from its corpse's innards. This bile can be worked over with other chemicals to make many powerful concoctions, usually antidotes against the most powerful poisons and illnesses. Its shell, meanwhile, is rich in rare materials, presumable due to the creatures unique place among the island's food chain.

— The Dossier

The Ammonitina or Ammonite (Ehh-mo-night) is a small bottom feeder aquatic invertebrate found in the deepest depths of the oceans of the Ark.

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  • The dossier was revealed on December 21, 2015.
  • The top right image in the dossier appears to have an Arthropluera.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • The name Ammonitina multiamicus is most likely a reference to its behaviour. Multi is the word used to describe anything of number, greater than one. Amicus being the Latin word for "friend", his name would roughly translate to "Ammonite with multiple friends". This is most likely a reference to this species aggravating all nearby creatures (its "friends") onto the attacking player.
  • The ammonite depicted in Ark is very similar to Parapuzosia seppenradensis in size. If this is the true identity of the ammonite seen in the game, its true scientific name would be Parapuzosia multiamicus.


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Patch 255 Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo, & Tek Structures!-0

Patch 255 Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo, & Tek Structures!-0